Gary Lowe

Gary Lowe


Angler Profile – Expert Fisherman on a Mission to Conquer the Waters




Hello, Carpers! I’m a passionate carp angler that loves all things outdoors especially carp fishing for me, fishing isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life. Whether I’m out their stalking for the day or on a session I also love taking pictures of my surrounds whether that birdlife or just what’s growing around in the undergrowth its all part of it for me.

About Me:

I am married and have one step daughter I have no other hobbies apart from carp fishing first started fishing at the age of 6 fishing the local park lakes and small rivers with my uncle for whatever came along, I didn’t care what it was as long as it was a fish, it didn’t really take me long to what to catch bigger fish so I started to mainly fish the park lakes as I had seen lads pull out some massive fish the biggest I had ever seen.

It wasn’t till I was around the age of 10 that I really started to target carp only I would pester my uncle to take me with him for the night which he used to do on the odd occasion, but I would mainly do the days but under his watchful eye I manged to catch a few commons from the park lakes only singles but they were massive for me then, it wasn’t till I was 11 that I caught my first double and I thought it was the biggest fish ill ever catch, after that first double I made a few friends of around the same age that fished the parks as well and we all teamed up to fish together.

We used to tell each other’s mums that we were fishing the night with one of our dads so they would let us stay over there, that went on for a good few years and we caught quite a few of the bigger fish in the parks lakes.

It wasn’t till I Manged to pass my test and get a car at the age of 17 that I managed to fish lakes far afield with what was back then callosal fish of up to 30lb that was the starting of what I would call a obsession to catch the biggest in the lakes I fished. And that still stands today some 50 years late in pursuit of the largest

Age: 56

Location: moved from Essex to north Wales

Fishing Style:

I’ve done all sorts of fishing from bivvi up for weeks in a swim to stalk the edges of my favourite pit, but what really gets the hart racing for me is stalking in the edge, baiting spots around the lake and watching to see if anything comes in to feed, then when they do and you watch that rod tip bend round and a big vortex in the swim as the fish bolts of, I think there is nothing that beats that.,

Favourite Fishing Spots:

Ive fished all over the country and I think you can’t quite beat the quietness of the Shropshire meres so peaceful, were its just you against the fish.

Fishing Achievements:

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to fish with some of the best anglers in the country and have become very good friends with, all fishing for England against France was a big achievement for me which we wone and come away with a gold medal

Memorable Catches:

1. was catching my first double from a park lake

2. catching 2two 20lb commons in a night from a park lake that didn’t hold many 20lbers

3 catching my first 3lb carp from the edge I mean it was under the rod tip and the fight was epic as it was so close i.

4 when I caught a brace of 40s from a hard Colne valley pit on a day session

5. catching my first 50lber on my first night on a new lake and I never went back again after that ..job done

Fishing Philosophy:

At one point fishing was about catching the biggest and most in the lake iam fishing, now its more about going to the lake and enjoying whatever comes along and making memories and that way you do still succeed in your quest.

Favourite Gear:

I am a believer in using quality gear and having strong trustworthy tackle. the last thing you want is to lose a fish of a lifetime do to not having good quality equipment love the wolf x1ks as there built to last the craftmanship is second to none and they do the job perfect.

Then the wolf icon alarms the technology and the build quality you will never beat

Fishing Tips:

1. Don’t ignore the margins as this is the biggest island in the lake.

2. Keep your eyes on the lake as much as you can as your see signs of fish some were

3. Always be prepared to move if you see fish as if there not in front of you, you won’t catch them.

4. Don’t be afraid to move your rods if you see a fish jump in you swim it doesn’t mater if you’ve batted the spot you can always move back.

Community Engagement:

I am an active member of the angling club on the committee, I am also on numerous fishing sites were we share information to help each other on the back.

Favourite Quote:

You wont catch them sitting at home ”