Luke Kennard

Luke Kennard


Angler Profile – Expert Fisherman on a Mission to Conquer the Waters

Name: Luke

Username: Kennard


Hello, fellow anglers! I am Luke Kennard

About Me:

I am a father of two amazing little boys. I have a massive interest in photography which has grown over the year with my angling.

I first come across fishing when I was around 6 walking the canal with family and seeing a group of lads catching roach and bream I was amazed as soon as I got home that evening I run around to my grandads and we build my first fishing rod with a bamboo stick from the beans in his garden and a bit of wire and some tape and we was away the next day digging works and trying to catch fish . Weeks went passed without a fish but it didn’t get me down I was just so excited. One day I was there with my dad trying once again after weeks of nothing this old local angler stopped and give me some bits and helped me with a proper little set up and straight away, I was catching small fish I was well and truly hooked.

After a good few year of this I got my first rod a blue kingfisher rod and armed with a few small hooks and maggots if I had enough pocket money if not I would be digging for worms.

Years passed so I was around 14 walking onto a small farm pond with just carp in they looked like misters at the time. This is where I learnt the hard way and after many fails I finally caught my first double figure carp on a block of cheers after watching a Matt haze video.

This just progressed from there finding bigger carp and getting better kit. Which has led me to Where I am today fishing all sorts of Venus for big and old carp.

Age: 28

Location: south Wales

Fishing Style:

My preferred style of fishing is edge fishing. There is nothing better than sitting there watching them nail the rig and a massive explosion of water and its game on.

Favourite Fishing Spots:

I have explored numerous fishing spots around the Uk but I do love the madness of the park lakes and city carping.

Fishing Achievements:

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to fish with some amazing people and people I looked up to and grew up watching on YouTube .

Memorable Catches:

landing my first double figure carp on a block of cheese. Sitting there with work and maggots I was just catching small fish . My friend that dad had a baby bell in his lunch box which he didn’t like so I thought let’s up it up and use that moments later it was away with my first proper carp.

Walking around with my best mate alex on the wharf which is a lake places in the city centre of Cardiff we walked and walked until we spotted them at 3 in the morning flicked some solid bags out at showing carp. we sat on our mats against the wall with our barrows by our sides blocking the wind and talking rubbish when I went and landed the middle fully being my first 30lb+ Welsh carp.

This one would be my most recent catching three 40lb carp from wales in one year along with some mega 30lbers and many more carp.

Fishing Philosophy:

For me, fishing more about being out there meeting like minded anglers and leaving the stress at home. I get to see more sunrises and sunsets than your normal person. I get to see wildlife on the misty mornings I get to hear the sound of life walking up in the morning . It’s being connected to nature.

Favourite Gear:

I am a firm believer in using quality gear with the way I angle you need trusty strong gear . Along with clothes something overlooked but if you’re warm and comfortable you will fish longer and harder than anyone sat there in shorts and a hoodie in the middle of winter.

Fishing Tips:

Don’t ignore information from anyone as everyone looks at the same situation but sees it in a different light so you and learn a thing or to which might make the difference between catching and not catching .

Be prepared mentally to no you might have to run around and move and move again to find the carp and make it happen.

Look in swims that’s hardly fished there is always a so called no carps corner .

Community Engagement:

I am in a few members pages of some fishery’s sharing information and gaining information.

Hello, fellow anglers! I am Luke Kennard