Manuel Michalzik

Manuel Michalzik


Angler Profile – Expert Fisherman on a Mission to Conquer the Waters

Name: Manuel Michalzik

Username: Manu


Hello friends. My name is Manuel Michalzik and I come from Germany. I got in touch with fishing about 30 years ago and I still haven’t gone a day without it. Besides my family, it is the anchor of my life. Being outside, feeling the weather and celebrating wins and losses makes me feel alive.

About Me:

Age: 41

Location: Borken, Germany

In addition to fishing, there is of course the most important thing of all! My wife and my two children make my life complete and make me the happiest person in the world. My family also supports my passion, for which I am very grateful.

Fishing Style:

In my early days as a kid I was very into fishing for roach; Specialized in bream and tench and competed in many national competitions. At the age of 16 carp caught my interest and to this day it is my target fish number 1. Technically I love the many facets of this type of fishing. Whether stalking, session fishing, surface fishing or starting an intensive feeding campaign … everything has its place. It is important to remain flexible in strategy and tactics.

Favourite Fishing Spots:

I’ve been fishing a large and difficult quarry pond for a number of years, which fascinates me completely and will probably remain a challenge for a long time to come. I also like to travel to new destinations abroad, for example Holland, France, Austria or Slovenia.

Fishing Achievements:

Fishing competitions are not particularly popular in Germany. I did my last competition when I was 15 years old. At that time I became district champion with the 8m Bolognese rod.

Memorable Catches:

1. my wife

2. my kids

3. my health

Fishing Philosophy:

Fishing is very versatile and everyone may feel their passion differently and require different approaches and freedoms. So mutual respect is very important. I want to enjoy maximum freedom, flexibility and independence when fishing. i want to decide when i do what and not be controlled by society and responsibilities. If that succeeds, then I’m free and get into the right flow

Favourite Gear:

My equipment has to be stable and durable – a real working tool that I can always rely on! My X3K rods from Wolf have been absolutely reliable for years and can handle all situations.

My Nikon camera is also a very important companion and has now captured thousands of memories. The camera has already been in the water and dirt and still doesn’t give up.

Fishing Tips:

It is important to have confidence in your abilities and strengths and at the same time to react flexibly. But be ready to learn new things.

And do not forget:

– keep your eyes open

– keep your ears open

– feel the water

– live fishing

Community Engagement:

Fishing has long since not only taken place on the water. The internet is a big part of the fishing network and in addition to my private accounts I take care of the German pages of Wolf International and a well-known boilie company.

I have already found many new people and friendships via the internet and last but not least, my collaboration with Wolf also came about through the social networks. In addition to the Internet, there are also some good trade fairs and shows in Germany that rarely take place without me.

Favourite Quote:

“You are responsible for your happiness, so get your butt off!”


Hello friends. My name is Manuel Michalzik and I come from Germany