Nick Hövelbrinks

Nick Hövelbrinks


Angler Profile:

Name: Nick Hövelbrinks

Username: -NICK


Hello folks. My name is Nick, and I am living in the north of the central-west part of Germany, the so called “Westmünsterland” region. My passion for fishing started when I was 8 years old. I loved to spend my time in nature and catching fish at the small local creek next to my parents’ house. My constant curiosity for more adventures and bigger fish, finally brought me to modern carp fishing. Spending time on the bank and enjoying nature is the style I want to live.

About Me: I am an engineer and work as a product manager. But my heart beats for fishing and outdoor adventures. For me, it’s also important to keep fit.

Age: 28 years

Location: Rhede – Germany

Fishing Style:

Specialised and modern carp fishing is my passion. My fishing waters are mostly gravel pits. I enjoy fishing from the bank, so, casting and spodding is a home game for me. I am curious about new techniques and technologies, but I also enjoy catching my fish the old school way.

It is an additional hobby in a hobby to make and fish my own baits. Creating special baits adapted to the respective situation is my challenge.

Favourite Fishing Spots:

For me, natural waters with wild fish are the most attractive. I like the adventure and the challenge to catch fish in his natural habitat. It’s not the place itself that matters, the water must appeal to me. Mostly I feel the vibe because of the environment, the history, or the tranquillity etc. of a spot. There are several fishing spots I like, a few are close by, and others are far away and in different countries like France, Austria, and Slovenia.

Fishing Achievements:

In my youth I successfully participated a few fishing competitions organised by the local fishing club. But these days I don’t care about competitions. I don’t see any added value for me personally in comparing myself with others.

My personal achievements nowadays are having a good time and fun, enjoy the moment and keep the spirit of carp fishing.

Memorable Catches:

· First carp on my self-made boilies

· First carp at my local river: an over 1-meter-long common carp.

· A big common carp from the small local fishing clubs’ water when I was still a child.

· A 26 kg / 57 lbs almost-liner

· A large mirror carp from a huge natural water body in eastern Germany that I caught right at my feet.

Fishing Philosophy:

Carp fishing is more than just throwing baits into the water and waiting for a bite.

It is like getting into the flow with nature and switch off the daily routine – working on a very detailed and sophisticated strategy and implement it in the interest of nature. You will get feedback by nature every time, sometimes it’s understandable, sometimes not. That is fishing!

It is a blessing that I have no expectations but know that anything could be possible.

Favourite Gear:

The very important feature of my favourite gear is quality! It must be reliable in every situation and get the job done. My all-time favourites are the X3K rods from Wolf combined with Shimano Ultegras. In order to have a reliable bite detection in every situation, I rely on the Icon Qi from Wolf. This is reliable hardware that satisfies my technological curiosity. For me it is important to use products which are fully developed and are well thought out for their intended use.

Fishing Tips:

Giving tips for fishing is not easy when you don’t know the conditions and parameters. So I’ll give you a few general tips that have improved my fishing for the long term:

· Do it your own way. Find a way that makes fishing most enjoyable for you and don’t feel the urge to do what others do.

· Constant comparison makes unhappy! Enjoy the time and your personal achievements.

· Enjoy catch days as well as non-catch days.

· Act sustainably. Always think about what happens after you leave the fishing spot.

Community Engagement:

I am an active member in two angling clubs. In one of the clubs, my local one, I have one of the honorary posts of water warden. There I am responsible for the management and care of the waters and the fish population.

Sometimes I also like to share my passion and pictures with the community on the social media platform Instagram @nick.hvb

Favourite Quote:

“Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures and memories.”