Paul Chubb

Paul Chubb


Hello fellow carp freaks my name is paul chubb im a passionate carp angler that also lovers the great outdoors. I’m a keen photographer that loves getting pictures of wildlife or hopeful a big fat carp along the way

About Me:

Age: 46

Location:  south coast of England

It all started for me when I was a young lad I started fishing with my grandad he use to take me to the river stour searching for minnows and roach. He gifted me a carbon fibre rod which I was totally over the moon with a few years later me and my mates found this gravel pit we were watching these dark moving shapes in the water Which I soon found out were carp ,then I thought to my self I had to catch one of them after doing a bit of research I chose a bit of floating bread the buzz I got when I caught my first carp was amazing from that day I was hooked on carp fishing.

Fishing Style:

My fishing style we be different on every lake ill fish if its big open waters then I’ll be fishing long range to were most of the fish hold up. Were if I was fishing one of the old estate lakes then ill be creeping around looking for fish in the edge.



Favourite Fishing Spots:


Nowadays I am on Wellington county park and I’ve had some great success so far whether it be casting up to an island at 140 yards or fishing to a snag I just love the buzz of catching carp I’ve also got a club ticket that has a proper old weedy estate lake that’s five minutes from my house and I love going down there in the evening to do some surface fishing and it brings back memories for when I was a young lad