Stef Baekelandt

Stef Baekelandt


Angler Profile – Expert Fisherman on a Mission to Conquer the Waters

Name: Baekelandt Stef

Username: Stefke


I started fishing around the age of 8 years. First with the pole later with a rod and reel. In the beginning it was mostly small ponds and park lakes but when I started fishing on the canal all changed. From there I started making my own rigs and got to know the value of pre-baiting.

About Me:

Age: 36

Location: Belgium

I’m always looking for an extra edge in my fishing. The period at the canal it was finding all the spots with even the smallest difference by using a prodding stick. Later on, I started playing with rig mechanics that became a passion in a passion.

Fishing Style:

Whether it’s fishing in the edge, spodding or putting the lines out on by boat, I find joy in every fishing environment.

Favourite Fishing Spots:

I love fishing in France, from big to small lakes.

In my spare time I’m always searching for the next venue on google earth

Fishing Achievements:

One of my proudest achievements include a 5-page magazine issue in MONKEY Climber (NR4 summer 2013 Presenting a new angle(r)) about myself and the story regarding fine-tuning rigs and inventing my own blowback rig the BBSB-rig.

Memorable Catches:

1. Catching the biggest fish of my local canal 2 times in a short period after a long campaign

2. Massive fish haul whit more than 70 fish all alone in 1 weeks fishing on a 100 ha venue

3. Catching my first 20 kg and 30 kg fish

Fishing Philosophy:

I’m a firm believer that challenging yourself from time to time makes you a better angler. One moment you’re fishing for numbers the next it’s trying to sort out the bigger fish. Or it’s casting accurate as possible on a small clear spot between the challenging weedbeds when you can’t use a bait boat. At another session it’s fishing for the most wary carp with the most critically balanced rigs.

Favourite Gear:

I do love some minimum luxury on the bank: Having a Wolf compact porta Loo and a descend powerbank like the PS60+ is a real treat.

Fishing Tips:

Take your time when you arrive on a new spot when you’re on a long session.

Putting the effort in will give you better results.

Community Engagement:

I am an active member of the angling community, both online and offline. I participate in forums, contribute to fishing blogs, and engage with other anglers through social media platforms. Sharing stories, learning from others, and being a part of this vibrant community fuels my passion for fishing.

Favourite Quote:

“No matter what the conditions are, you won’t catch them at home”