Tom Moore

Tom Moore

Angler / Product Development

Angler Profile – Expert Fisherman on a Mission to Conquer the Waters

Hi all, I’m Tom. I have been angling over 25 years, since a young age and now, like many, find myself struggling to balance life and an obsession for angling.

About Me: Social media manager and product development at Nbrice and Wolf International.

Age: 35

Location: Norfolk, England

Fishing Style:

Over the years I have dabbled in most angling disciplines, fishing matches as a teenager, venturing out on boats off the Norfolk coast in the hunt for various saltwater species, predator fishing I have done it all. But where I find myself now, a devoted carp angler, is where my heart really lies within the sport.

With limited time available to me to due to work and family, over the last few years 95% of my angling is overnighters. Leaving home for my chosen lake as late as 9pm to fish only through to maybe 5am the following morning.

This brings many challenges especially when the style of waters I chose to fish are very much the opposite of your average day ticket style lake. The carp are usually old and wise, the pits are generally relatively wild without great access and with only having the same limited hours for most trips, working out fish behaviour can be difficult. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I find with limited time, you work harder on each trip, your mindset changes completely and the rewards, when they come are a feeling of pure elation!

Favourite Fishing Spots:

One of my favourite fishing locations ever would have to be a lake where I cut my teeth in carp angling, an estate lake nestled in the West Norfolk country side. The things I witnessed and learned while at this venue will remain with me for ever. The venue has been closed for angling for many years, but I have been lucky enough to have been granted permission to fish it a couple of times in recent years and when arriving there it takes me straight back to where it all began!

Fishing Achievements:

I take many things away from my angling almost every session, feeling I have learned something else about the water I am fishing, another piece to the puzzle, so I always feel I have achieved something however there is obviously always going to be those moments that stick with you forever.

Memorable Catches:

1. My first every carp, caught complete by accident, a mid to low double on a light float rod. The power this fish had, was like nothing I had ever felt up to that point and that moment set the wheels rolling on the rest of my angling life.

2. The first 30lb carp that I landed. I wasn’t sure why or how I had caught, what at the time was a huge carp for me, but I was overcome with a similar feeling to my first ever carp, this is where carp fishing started to become less of a hobby and more, a way of life.

3. Sharing a PB capture from years ago with my wife and children. Since this capture I have beaten this particular weight many times, however that one will always remain special to me. Being able to share my joy of that moment with the people who have to listen to me relentlessly talk about, this lake. that carp. those spots etc, was truly a great moment

Fishing Philosophy:

For me fishing isn’t just about catching the biggest or the most. To me it’s about the escape, the challenge, the memories and that feeling you get when you succeed.

Favourite Gear:

With my style of angling, I need to be confident that my gear is as ready and as fit for purpose as I am at all times. I always opt for quality products to ensure they can withstand the abuse that I give them on such short and rugged sessions. Whether that be my reels that get laid in the mud, my alarms and bankware that take a bombardment of abuse from hard gravel banks, being submerged in the lake to being thrown into a bucket for quick move in the middle of the night. Or my powerbanks that I can charge every now and again and rely on to be charged for when I will do 3 or 4 overnight sessions in a row with no opportunity to charge devices or the powerbank itself. Quality products always prevail and make my limited time on the bank hassle free.

Fishing Tips:

My three tips for any angler looking for advice would be….

No 1. Effort equals reward, the more you put into this sport the more you will get out of it.

No.2 Fish for you. Unless you are fishing in matches, it doesn’t matter what everyone else is catching.

No.3 Watercraft and information. The most important things of all. Spend time collecting and documenting any information you can get on your chosen water. Spots, fish activity, captures, what happens on so and so weather front, the list of things to record and note are endless, but over time you can piece them together and catching fish all of a sudden becomes so much easier.

Favourite Quote:

“I didn’t blank, I simply ran out of time”

Community Engagement:

As my angling life continues to become more intense and through the nature of my commitments with the industry, I have began to venture into the world of social media for my angling, feel free to follow my quests and get in touch if you would like any help or advice.

See you on the bank sometime, mines a coffee. Black. 2 sugars.