Stainless Carbon 3 Rod Fixed Buzzer Bar 12″


ntroducing the NBRICE Stainless Carbon 3 Rod Fixed Buzzer Bar – The Ultimate Angler’s Companion!

Enhance your fishing experience like never before with the NBRICE Stainless Carbon 3 Rod Fixed Buzzer Bar. Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, this innovative buzzer bar is designed to elevate your fishing sessions to new heights. Let’s dive into what makes this product stand out from the rest:

The Buzzer Bars are made from 12mm Stainless and Carbon tube. The Buzzer bars are stocked in 3 rod adjustable 7″, 8″, 9″ &  10″, 2 rod adjustable 5″ & 6.25″, 2 rod fixed 4″, 4.5″, 5″ &  6″ and 3 rod fixed 11″ & 12″.

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Moulded Carbon Tube: Our NBRICE Stainless Carbon Buzzer Bar is constructed using a state-of-the-art moulded carbon tube. This cutting-edge material offers exceptional strength and durability while keeping the overall weight incredibly light. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying bulky equipment, as this buzzer bar provides the perfect balance between strength and portability.

Machined Stainless Steel: We understand that fishing conditions can be demanding, and that’s why we’ve incorporated machined stainless steel components into the design. The stainless steel parts not only add a touch of elegance but also provide unparalleled resistance to corrosion, ensuring your buzzer bar remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Secure Fixed Design: The NBRICE Stainless Carbon 3 Rod Buzzer Bar features a secure fixed design, guaranteeing a stable and steady setup for your rods. No more worries about accidental slippage or misalignment during your fishing adventures. This design also ensures easy installation, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time fumbling with equipment.

Versatility and Adaptability: Whether you’re an avid carp angler or enjoy various fishing techniques, this buzzer bar is designed to accommodate different rod setups effortlessly. Its adaptable nature allows you to configure it according to your preferences, giving you the freedom to experiment with various fishing styles.

Sleek and Stylish: Not only does the NBRICE Buzzer Bar boast impressive functionality, but it also exudes a sleek and stylish appearance. Elevate your fishing gear collection with this eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing addition that is sure to impress your fellow anglers.

Embrace the cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship of the NBRICE Stainless Carbon 3 Rod Fixed Buzzer Bar. Elevate your fishing game, conquer new waters, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Unleash the angler within you with the ultimate companion for your fishing expeditions!

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