Stainless Carbon Stage Stands

The NBRICE stainless and carbon molded tube stage stands are designed specifically for securing banksticks or pod setups to platforms. These stage stands are made from a combination of stainless steel and carbon materials, ensuring durability and strength.

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The stage stands feature a molded tube design, which provides stability and support for your banksticks or pods. The tubes are carefully crafted to securely hold your fishing equipment in place, preventing any wobbling or movement during use.

The stainless steel and carbon construction of these stage stands offers several benefits. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, making the stands suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing environments. The carbon material adds strength and rigidity while keeping the stands lightweight and easy to transport.

The NBRICE stage stands are designed to be compatible with various platforms commonly used in fishing setups. They can be easily attached to the platform using screws, providing a secure and stable base for your banksticks or pods.

Whether you’re fishing from a boat, pier, or fishing platform, the NBRICE stainless and carbon moulded tube stage stands offer a reliable solution for securing your banksticks or pod setups. They provide peace of mind, ensuring that your equipment remains steady and secure while you focus on enjoying your fishing experience.

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Stainless Carbon